Why WOODFIELD High School?

Thousands of students prefer Woodfield High School for their high school diplomas because it:

  • Is the only Fully Accredited high school providing high school diplomas based on your life experience or online equivalency test.
  • Gives you convenience to pay in simple installments through Flexible Payment Plan with no extra charges.
  • Provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services.
  • Allows you to earn a degree from Woodfield University.

Read the 4 points to know why students prefer to order from Woodfield High School as opposed to earning diplomas from other schools or taking their Diploma test.

Woodfield High School Other Schools

Grants high quality diplomas printed on traditional diploma paper with gold plated seal of the High School which identifies it as a diploma from a reputed and reliable institution.

Provide diplomas in form of normal colored printouts without High School's gold plated seal.

Pay for your online high school diploma in easy-to-make installments with no extra charges. You can start by only paying $99 and the balance can then be paid within 30 days of putting down the initial amount. Click here to learn more about Flexible Payment Plan.

Generally not provided, and most of the high schools that provide this option charge around $100 or more.

Allows you to earn degrees from Woodfield University! An extremely empowering chance for all those who want to continue their studies after pursuing their High School Diploma program from our High School. The degrees of Woodfield University are offered at discounted prices exclusively for Woodfield High School students. Read the message from Woodfield University

Do not offer this golden opportunity and you have to start the nerve-racking search for a degree awarding institution all over again.

Delivers complete accredited high school diploma package through FREE express shipping that takes less than 15 days. No extra charges!

Not offered. In case of diploma delivery option's availability, it must be checked how much extra money it costs.

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