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High School Diploma Program

At Woodfield High School, you can earn high school diplomas:
  • Without taking admission!
  • Without any hassle of attending classes!
  • Without studying long hours for tough exams!

High School Diploma

The High School Diploma program at Woodfield University allows professionals and working adults to earn high school diplomas on the basis of prior life experience or online equivalency test. You can receive this accredited diploma without taking admission in a high school, attending classes, and submitting assignments. Why enroll in an online diploma program when you can receive an actual high school diploma instead?

About Woodfield High School

Woodfield High School is one of the leading online prior learning assessment institutes that caters to the academic needs of working adults, jobs seekers and students through out the world. With its world class assessment panel and regional offices in more than 200 countries, Woodfield High School has helped thousands of individuals in achieving their academic and professional goals through its prior learning diploma program. Our international accreditation status allows our high school diplomas to be recognized throughout the world. Along with that, the school also provides a host of student services to facilitate their overall educational experience.

Earn a recognized high school diploma from Woodfield High School within 15 days

You will get 10 documents with your high school diploma package, which are as follows:

  • 1 Original Accredited Diploma
  • 2 Original Transcripts
  • 1 Award of Excellence
  • 1 Certificate of Distinction
  • 1 Certificate of Membership
  • 4 Education Verification Letters

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Flexible Payment Plan

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Education Verification Service

Complete authentication of your high school diploma is also provided.

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